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The name Kuppers Elektromechanik (KEM) is well-known the world over for flow measurement and control equipment. Advanced technical know how based on many years of practical experience have made the name KEM-Kueppers synonymous with a foremost international supplier of flowmeters, flow evaluation equipment and expert solutions to any flow measurement application.

Specializing in the field of flow metering technology and calibration KEM supply high quality flowmeters and solutions to flow measurement tasks in many branches of international industry. The product range finds wide use in the automotive industry, in applications that require fuel monitoring, hydraulics, pharma and food industries and in process industries.

AW Lake Monitors INC of the USA is now part of KEM GmbH and specializes in Flow Meters, Flow Alarms, Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors and allied products. The HVK Group has been selling the products of Lake Monitors within India. For further information on the product range, click on www.lakemonitors.com or www.kem-kueppers.com


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