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How often have you wondered why your hydraulic equipment does not last as long as the catalogues claimed it would? Have you worried about high cost of replacement and spares? You have read that the secret to long-life in hydraulics has everything to do with clean oil and have you wondered as to how to go about it? Is replacement of oil the only answer especially with oil prices continuing to remain high? And is it environmentally friendly to keep replacing oil when reuse is the new mantra? And did you know that new oil is not always at a level of cleanliness where it can be readily used?

A complete answer to all your questions is here- HVK's Filter Clear! Brought to you by the company that has made the study of hydraulics its business. Our engineers who have spent several hours studying commonplace and complex hydraulic problems and designed solutions for them have come up with a new products - an offline filter on wheels that enables you to continuously clean your oil and make it as good as new.

Features and Design:

The Filter Clean uses two high quality filters with rigid, resin bonded cartridges with long life and excellent particle removing efficiency. Our studies have shown us that by using progressively finer cartridges we are able to achieve NAS / ISO levels suited to the most sensitive hydraulic equipment.

The same filters combines both surface and depth filtration and removes particles thoroughly. The visuals accompanying the data table show the progressive improvement in oil quality with repeated cycles of filtration.

The unit is portable as it is mounted on wheels. In can thus be wheeled from location to location thereby allowing for multiple machines to be maintained using the same unit.

Our solution

Our solution ensures that the oil used in your systems is returned at a very high level of cleanliness. This not only saves you in terms of oil consumption, it also makes your organization green even as it improves the efficiency and life of your machinery. By repeated use of Filter Clear you can save your organization precious working capital in terms of maintenance and consumables.

Packages to suit your finances

You can avail of Filter Clear in three ways

  1. Own Filter Clear - Ideally suited if you operate in a contaminant-filled environment or possess multiple machines on the shop floor. In such cases, it is best that you purchase your own unit(s) of Filter Clear So that you have the flexibility to use it depending on your needs.
  2. Filter Clear on Call - This option is best suited if you have one or two machines in your shop floor. HVK will be most happy to enter into an One Time Cleaning Agreement or an Annual Maintenance Contract with you and will call at your unit with Filter Clear to conduct the necessary cleaning.
  3. Filter Clear for OEs- If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer and are worried about the cost of warranty spares a large chunk of which is attributed to poor oil conditions, it is best that you opt for attaching filter clear with each of the machines that you produce. We will work with you in integrating Filter Clear with your product.

Consulting Sales and Service Staff

For further information please contact your nearest HVK sales and service engineer. Our team members will b most happy to not only demonstrate the working of the Filter Clear but also advise you on the filtration levels most ideally suited for your needs,. Just get on to your nearest phone/laptop and contact us now.

You will then be on the path to greater saving and improved returns on investment.

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