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Oil Analysis
A step forward in Predictive Maintenance

In 2009, HVK has tied up with of Chennai to represent
their capabilities in Oil Analysis.


Like blood in the human body, the oil carries important clues about the health of the machine . Oil analysis turns these clues into valuable information which supports operations and maintenance decisions. The various reasons why hydraulic oil is equated to blood is that it is not used to do just one thing but does many which are

- Friction and wear reduction
- Heat control
- Contamination Control
- Transfer of energy
- Prevent chemical attack

It is important to ensure that oil is kept healthy, clean and dry. Oil analysis checks if we have accomplished this goal. In order to make sure that all the above operations are performed to its full efficiency it is critical to check whether all the key parameters are being maintained. As long as hydraulic oil is the blood of the machine, the benefits derived from it are numerous - starting from increase in machine life to doubling the life of the fluid to reduction in power consumption.


Oil analysis is a three stage process with each stage having its own process and procedures.

- Oil sampling
- Oil testing
- Data interpretation

Oil sampling is a process and not just a single action. Oil samples are meant to be taken from the most turbulent area in the power pack or directly from one of the return lines. The Oil testing and data interpretation is done in accordance with the ASTM procedures which are known worldwide. Electro Kleen's laboratory is accredited by NABL.

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